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There is a new Battle Royale game in town! NetEase games have come up with Cyber Hunter Battle Royale. To put it in the most simple way, it is combination of three of most popular BR games right now. Cyber Hunter offers building and third person camera view like Fortnite, gliding from any surface like Blackout and cars like PUBG. The building part of this game is very similar to a popular mobile game known as creative destruction. Lets go into detail and find out what this game is all about.Cyber Hunter for pc

Gameplay Cyber Hunter Battle Royale

This game’s gameplay is divided into 3 main parts; Building, shooting and driving. Lets see how all of it works.

When the game starts, each player glides down on a cool hoverboard. This is same for every player. Moreover, none of the players are going to have any sort of weapons or tool before landing. Every player has got to loot the area after landing. This makes the game more ever for everybody. Cyber Hunter for pc bluestacks

The first loot that everyone wants is a basic gun to defend themselves. Having a gun early is very important. Next up, use the quantum energy extractor to destroy stuff and collect this energy. This energy is used to build ramps in Cyber Hunter BR game. These ramps include a horizontal floor/roof, walls and stairs. More the energy, more you are able to build stuff. Use this to gain high ground during battles and take other players down.

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The vehicles in Cyber Hunter are supercharged and you can do some crazy stuff with them. The core of this game is based around madness and how creative one can be.

Other than the basic guns, some guns may have special abilities like healing, efficient destruction of buildings and more. Be on the lookout for this stuff as it can easily turn the tide of battles.

Players can also discover special items like Tactical gloves that increase the climbing speed for example. These are rare items and often found hidden far away.


In one word, Cyber Hunter is colorful. Thankfully, this game is not dull looking like lot of other Battle Royale games out there. We get that some developers like to portray realistic graphics in-game. However, this is not always necessary. This game looks pretty good and therefore makes it more fun to play.Cyber Hunter for pc win mac

Some BR games have skins but Cyber Hunter has totally taken the lead here. It offers deep character customization. Players in Cyber Hunter are able to change the appearances of their in-game avatars up to as small details as color of pupil and other body parts. Entire look of the character is customizable.

The guns, cars, shooting animations, building animations, and several other stuff look very nice. Attention is paid to small details. However, we have to keep in mind that Cyber Hunter BR is for Android and iOS. Mobile graphics are not yet at the level of console or PC.

However, there are still ton of devices that may not run Cyber Hunter smoothly. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned in the guide below to download and install Cyber Hunter for PC. This works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OSX.Cyber Hunter for pc win 10

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How to install Cyber Hunter for PC Win/Mac

The first requirement is to get an Android emulator. The most reliable emulators to play Cyber Hunter for PC are listed HERE. Go through this list and choose the best one for yourself.

Once done, choose whether to install Cyber Hunter for PC via APK or Play Store. Former method requires downloading Cyber Hunter APK from a third party source. Otherwise, just login to Play Store, search for “Cyber Hunter” and click on Install.

Once all steps are done, you should be playing Cyber Hunter for PC on laptops and computers alike. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.


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