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One of the most popular anime football games last year was Captain Tsubasa Dream Team. It is based on the original anime series. It contains all the cool looking animations and music effects. We finally have its successor. Captain Tsubasa ZERO is the latest game by GMO. It offers authentic anime experience in form of a game. A lot of new features are introduced. However, the core still remain intact. Lets have a close look at Captain Tsubasa ZERO game.Captain Tsubasa ZERO for pc bluestacks

Gameplay Review Captain Tsubasa ZERO

The reason anyone plays Captain Tsubasa ZERO is because they watch the original anime. If someone does not, then go and watch it! The unique thing about anime is their sound effects, animations and the special effects. Anime can make an action as insignificant as breathing look super dramatic. You can only imagine how much cool stuff can be done when it comes to football.

A new added feature in Captain Tsubasa ZERO is the “Miracle Shot”. It is basically an overpowered shot. It comes with special animation. As the name suggests, these shots would normally not go in. However, since it is a miracle shot, they would go it. However, the keepers can make miracle saves as well. It is all about who use these powerups at the right time. The animations and sound effects coupled with these shots just make it a pleasure to watch and play.

Apart from all the action and cool stuff, players still have to work on the team and use their skills. Each players starts with a basic squad. You have to build your own ultimate XI. This team is comprised of players either signed or just level up current players. Upgrade the skill levels of current player using training activities.

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If you are looking for a realistic football experience, then this is certainly not the game to play. Captain Tsubasa ZERO is all about living the anime dream and experiencing it first hand. Some basic controls are still the same. However, there is going to lot of drama and action involved in each match.Captain Tsubasa ZERO for pc


Well there is not surprise here. It looks just like anyone would expect. Captain Tsubasa ZERO is all about anime therefore, it looks like one too. It is a blend of 2D and 3D rendering. Since most anime are in 2D but games like this are in 3D, therefore the developers had to cook up something in the middle ground.

The cutscenes, animations, powerups and stuff like that is still in 2D though. The graphics during actual gameplay are above average. But hey, we do not judge it for that. It is all about how fun it is to play.

Most of the stuff in menus seem to work fine too. Nothing is too laggy or anything. Of course, you need a decent device to run it. In case anyone wants to play Captain Tsubasa ZERO for PC on laptops and desktop computers, go through the guide below. It shows how to play Captain Tsubasa ZERO PC on Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OSX.Captain Tsubasa ZERO for pc win mac

How to play Captain Tsubasa ZERO for PC on Win or Mac

The first requirement is to get an Android emulator. The most reliable emulators to play Captain Tsubasa ZERO for PC are listed HERE. Go through this list and choose the best one for yourself.

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Once done, choose whether to install Captain Tsubasa ZERO for PC via APK or Play Store. Former method requires downloading Captain Tsubasa ZERO APK from a third party source. Otherwise, just login to Play Store, search for “Captain Tsubasa ZERO” and click on Install.

Once all steps are done, you should be playing Captain Tsubasa ZERO for PC on laptops and computers alike. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below.

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