Download Bluestacks 3 N (Android 7 Nougat)

The best just got better. Bluestacks 3 is out with Android Nougat support. We cannot just update the older installed version via an OTA update or firmware flashing. Rather, download Bluestacks 3 with Android N or Nougat to replace old version. This installation will keep old files, apps, games and settings. There is no change in the interface. Most of the visual stuff remains same. However, there are tons of tweaks to make games work even faster. Android Nougat is now required by most of new games for its graphics support and efficient processor usage.Bluestacks 3 N Nougat download

The developers of Bluestacks 3 Nougat claim that it will make games run 30% faster. It will better utilize the CPU and graphics chipset. It uses HyperG graphics system. This is the native framework or graphics engine. It is improved and tweaked to support Android 7.x versions. Therefore, expect higher framerates on newest titles with same hardware. The problem with current Bluestacks 3 is that lot of games are either not optimized or just completely fail to run. This is because of the fact that it does not support Android Nougat. However, this issue should be fixed with this release.

In order to use Bluestacks 3 N beta version, use Intel CPU with virtualization enabled. The recommended specs include 6GB RAM but 4GB will also work fine. Make sure that all drivers for your PCs hardware are updated. It avoids having a compatibility conflicts. Following games are optimized for Bluestacks 3 Nougat version:

Make sure you check these games out. Apart from these main titles, a lot of other titles are and will be optimized in Bluestacks 3 Nougat installer

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Pika World in Bluestacks 3 Nougat

This a cool new feature that allows players to connect with other Bluestacks users in their vicinity. At start of this app, open Pika World tab, make up your avatar and head into the map. Click on any person’s profile icon to enlarge it. It shows their current games, times etc. It is certainly a nice thing for interested people.

Download Bluestacks 3 N (Nougat) Beta

Before installing it, it is better to uninstall the older version. Keep the app data safe when uninstalling older version.

In case you want to revert back to older yet stable version, follow the link below:

Tip: When installing Bluestacks 3 N via its installer, it will prompt you to either fresh install new version or keep old version. Choose the one that suits you. If you just want to test out new version and yet keep older version because of stability, then choose first option.

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