CapCut for PC – Use it for free on Windows 10, Mac

Download the CapCut app on PC. Use this app for free and there is no premium version. Although it is an Android app you can download it on your Windows and Mac PCs by following the steps discussed below.

CapCut for Mac

What is the CapCut PC app

Amateur and professional videographers now carry a powerful pocket film studio to film, edit and publish their cinematic creations. As a result, video editing apps have blown up.

So, you’re working on a video project. You’ve got your idea, you’ve got your device, but you’re inundated with video editing apps and don’t know where to start. The is Where CapCut for PC comes in.

CapCut for Windows provides only a simple straight cut as a transition between video clips or still images. Transition options like fade and dissolve are noticeably absent. There is no option to pan or crop still images (aka the ‘Ken Burns Effect’).


No Watermark

One immediately noticeable feature is the absence of a watermark since many apps require payment to remove them. Also, the app only functions in portrait mode


CapCut for PC app allows for only a single video layer (no picture-in-picture), but you can add multiple layers for text and/or emojis. The lack of a second video track means you cannot add a logo. The app allows for a maximum of ten layers at any time: 1 video layer, 3 text layers, 3 emoji layers, and 3 audio layers.

CapCut on PC

Add Audio

To edit any video, audio, or text element on the timeline, simply tap the clip and the respective edit box will open. Each clip added to the timeline can be trimmed and adjusted for speed, copied, cropped, flipped, rotated, or adjusted for volume.

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Add Images

The timeline can include video and still images. When importing many images into a project (like a slideshow), the free version has a limit of 20 items that can be imported at once.

Each clip/still image can also be adjusted for brightness, color saturation, contrast, white balance/hue/tint, and more. You can also use any of the style filters – ten are included in the Pro version and an additional fifteen with Premium.

Font options

Titles and text can be easily added and manipulated with font style, size, position, background, outline, shadow, and more. To add text, tap on the text icon in the toolbar. To edit existing text, tap either on the text element on the timeline or in the preview window.

CapCut PC app allows for three audio tracks (either music or narration). It is easy to record a Narration/Voice Over directly into the timeline, though during testing the narration track volume could not be adjusted highly enough. You can import any music you have in your phone music library or use the tracks included with CapCut.

Choose a video’s size

Rather confusingly, you must tap on BG (Background) on the main timeline screen to get to where you can set the desired aspect ratio for the finished video. When you get there, there are plenty of options, including the standards of 16:9 horizontal, 9:16 portrait, and 1:1 square.

This screen also provides the choice of whether to use an out-of-focus enlarged copy of the timeline or a solid color as the background to fill the frame, if the chosen output aspect ratio does not match the aspect of the source video or image.

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Compress your video

Clicking the Save button brings up output options. Videos are outputted as h.264 mp4 files with multiple options for resolution and quality (bitrate). Resolution options are 2160p, 1080p, 720p, 640p, 480p, and 320p.

Quality settings are High, Medium, and Low. When tested, the High Quality gave a bit rate of 7.11mbps, the Medium Quality 5.52mbps, and the Low-Quality 3.74mbps.

There was no option to name a file during the output process nor decide where rendered files get stored. All files are stored, by default, in the phone’s internal storage CapCut app directory, and their file names are based on the date/time the file is rendered.

CapCut app PC download

No Premium Version

The Best bit about this app is that there is no premium version to access the best bits of the app. The app is very underrated in this regard. You are getting a lot of good stuff without having to pay for it. The app is very smooth to use and hardly will give you any lag

Of course there are going to be ads. The app has to earn. But with these features you are getting a good app. It is not at par with some of the top apps out there who will charge you for a Premium version.

How to Install CapCut app on Windows and Mac

  1. You will need to install an Android emulator on your PC, I will recommend the BlueStacks emulator.
  2. Complete the Installation of the emulator by running the .exe file.
  3. The installation might take some time as the software will download some additional files
  4. Open the emulator and Look for the PlayStore app
  5. Search for the CapCut app, click on the install button
  6. Give your Google ID to start the download of the app on your PC.
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You can use this app on your smartphone as well to edit your videos, follow this LINK

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