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Survival Heroes is a free Action game by Snail Games USA. This game is originally built for smartphones, but it comes with console-grade graphics. It means that this game is totally worth enjoying on a bigger screen. You can run this game on the monitor of your computer or on your laptop for that matter. In order to do so, you need to know how to run Survival Heroes for PC. This is the guide to install Survival Heroes for PC. By following the steps given here, you will be able to download Survival Heroes for PC on Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and MacOS/OS X.

Survival Heroes for PC

Survival Heroes for PC

Survival Heroes: MOBA + Battle Royale

Back in the day, when PUBG Mobile was announced, the game development companies quickly jumped on the bandwagon and developed a lot of PUBG Mobile rip-offs. We saw the games like Rules of Survival, Survival Royale, and many others. Then the original PUBG Mobile happened and it was definitely better than all those rip-offs. The games that copied the idea of PUBG Mobile, they were not that bad. They did bring competent graphics, but they just couldn’t beat the popularity of PUBG Mobile.

After PUBG Mobile, Fortnite’s announcement happened. The developers Fortnite joined hands with Samsung first of all and made it a Samsung-Galaxy limited game only. Fortnite was available to all iPhone owners, however, for Android, it ran on Samsung Galaxy handsets only. This vacuum┬áby Fortnite was filled by companies like Snail Games USA. The game Survival Heroes is much similar to Fortnite. Fortunately, this game does not look like a rip-off. This game has got impressive graphics, nice sound effects, and very interesting gameplay.

Replace Fortnite with Survival Heroes

So first of all, if you are unable to play Fortnite on your Android phone, you should get the Survival Heroes. This game might end up giving you experience better than Fortnite. The idea here is the same. Players jump off from a spaceship-like object. They open their parachute and then chose an area to land on. Right after hitting the ground, they have to pick up their weapon. They are free to break any object that comes in their way. They will collect a lot of items that they will be using on their journey to survival.Survival Heroes for PC

One thing I was able to note here is that this game does not have any buildings. Fortnite is full of buildings. Survival Heroes does not have any. There are 99 other players who are on the ground for the same purpose. You have to define the areas where you can defend yourself. To win the game, you have to become the last man standing. The 99 other players will be using extreme powers. There will be monstrous characters. Grow yourself big enough to compete against any kind of enemies. The stage is all set. Prove your mark in this cruel world now.Survival Heroes for PC

Survival Heroes is a combination of MOBA and Battle Royale. This game comes for free. There are the in-app purchases for sure. To learn a little bit more about this game, watch its trailer below.

Survival Heroes Trailer


Survival Heroes for PC

To run Survival Heroes for PC, you have to download an Android emulator on your computer. Windows users can download the BlueStacks 4. Mac users can download the Nox Player. The emulator guide is given below in the downloads section. After downloading the emulator, install it on your computer.

Now set up the BlueStacks 4 or Nox Player using your Google Account. After this, open the Play Store in the App Player and search for “Survival Heroes”. As you find this game, install it. It will now appear under the Home Screen in BlueStacks 4 and in the All Apps tab in the Nox Player. Launch the game now and use your mouse and keyboard to play it. You are free to map the keys according to your liking.

Those of you who are unable to find Survival Heroes for PC in the Play Store, they can download its APK from a credible website. You can install the APK manually via both the BlueStacks and the Nox App Player.



That’s all with the installation of Survival Heroes for PC. I hope that you have got this game running on your computer now. Enjoy its amazing graphics on a bigger screen. If you any queries regarding Survival Heroes or the Emulator, feel free to reach out to us. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as I get your comment/message.

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