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Today’s advancements in technology and internet have made it easy for people to protect their loved ones. It is a common practice to install security cameras or CCTV devices in both homes and offices. Moreover, advanced cameras now come with options like Alarm and PTZ controls. iVMS-4500 is a totally free to use application to manage network CCTV cameras. It works with both DVR and NVR connected security cameras.

iVMS-4500 for pc laptop

Usability Features

iVMS-4500 camera app is designed for layman users. It does not require any sort of technical expertise to operate. Moreover, it takes advantage of most of advanced features in CCTVs nowadays. Therefore, almost anyone with little bit of knowledge can use it.

It offers easy to use PTZ controls. This means that if the camera supports it, users can pan, tilt and zoom through the app. How convenient! 

The live view feature shows a grid of all the cameras installed on one network. It will show the cameras of account that you are logged in. In order to enlarge any one device, just click on it  and there you go. Use advanced controls from here on.

It supports following video resolutions for live view: 480*800, 480*854, 960*540, 1280*720, 800*1280 and 1920*1080.

If the video is either stuttering or lagging/blurring in iVMS-4500 App Live View, then just lower one of the following settings or all of them; video resolution, bit-rate and/or frame rate. 

iVMS-4500 for pc computer

Manage Recordings, Alarms and Playback Features

Users are free to choose whether they want to save all security footage or not. It can be saved on a DVR, NVR and even locally using app. This means that iVMS-4500 App saved videos and screenshots directly to either phone or laptop. It depends on where someone is using it.

If the alarms are also connected to iVMS-4500 App, then it will always save recording of whenever an alarm goes off. It could always be false alarm. Therefore, just open the in-app player, and check alarm recordings sorted by date and time. It makes life pretty easy.

Apart from the emergency clips, feel free to watch all the recordings that are saved on either DVR or NVR directly on iVMS-4500. It does not matter if someone is using iVMS-4500 on laptop or a phone.

iVMS-4500 for pc win mac

How to install iVMS-4500 for PC

In order to use iVMS-4500 for PC, go ahead and install an Android emulator first. Not sure where to find one or which one to go for? Then head over HERE and take a look at most reliable emulators. Compare them all and install the one most suitable for you.

Once the Android emulator is up and running, lets move on to installing iVMS-4500 on PC. Either do this via sideloading APK or Play Store. The former method requires downloading iVMS-4500 APK from third-party source. Then just open the APK with emulator as preferred application. In order to install it via Play Store, login with Google Account, open Play Store, search for “iVMS-4500” and click on install next to iVMS-4500 icon.

Once all steps are done, you are free to enjoy iVMS-4500 PC on laptops and computers. By the way, Bluestacks 4 is the best emulator to use iVMS-4500 on.


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