Download BlueStacks 2 & BlueStacks 3, Bluestacks 4 Offline Installer

BlueStacks’ journey started back in 2011 from San Fransico. Since then, the Android App Player has enjoyed massive success. BlueStacks brought the opportunity for Android enthusiasts to experience the Android ecosystem on a computer. BlueStacks’ basic purpose was to enable the users to run Android games and applications on their computers bypassing all limits, kicking away compatibility and storage-shortage issues. BlueStacks kept improving over the course of past few years. In 2015, BlueStacks was updated to BlueStacks 2. The new version of BlueStacks carried a number of improvements. BlueStacks 2 ran successfully for around 2 years. The company has now released a successor to the BlueStacks 2. BlueStacks 3 is out now with the best possible features.

BlueStacks is a free software. You can download it from the official BlueStacks website and run it easily on your Windows or Mac powered computer. BlueStacks uses your internet to download its resources. Because of this reason, the installation can take a while. At times, you want to keep the setup with you so that you can install it later without the internet access. In such a case, you need an offline instance of BlueStacks’ setup.

Luckily, the offline installers of BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2, and BlueStacks 3 are available. The offline installers can be used to install BlueStacks anytime without connecting to the internet. You definitely need the internet to download the installer, after that you can keep its copies to use it anywhere anytime.

The offline installers are available of BlueStacks 2 and BlueStacks 3 are available for Windows only. This is because the company hasn’t released BlueStacks 2 and 3 for MacOS and OS X. Mac users will still have to stick to the original BlueStacks. We are not sure when the company will update BlueStacks for Mac. You can now download BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2 & BlueStacks 3 Offline Installer from below and then follow the BlueStacks guide to set it up without going through any hiccups.

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Download BlueStacks, BlueStacks 2 & BlueStacks 3 Offline Installer

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