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Polysphere is a new arcade game by Playgendary. If you have not used your imagination to its fullest in a while, this is the game you need to play. Polysphere aims to train your brain like never before. This game has become quite popular on operating systems like Android and iOS. Because of the unique gameplay, this game is completely worth playing on your computer as well. This is the guide to download Polysphere for PC. By following the steps given here, you will be able to install Polysphere for PC on Windows and Mac. Before downloading Polysphere for PC, let us take a detailed look into this game.



Polysphere – A game to train your brain

The game Polysphere is all set to take your imagination to a whole new level. This is a very neat, single screen game. Players are given abstract pieces of art on the screen. They have to rotate the objects displayed on the screen to form a shape. These objects or puzzle pieces can be rotated at an angle of 360 degrees. Initially, in the original form, the puzzle pieces will not make any kind of sense. As you start rotating the puzzle pieces, you will find out that they lead to some shape. It can be the shape of an animal, a bird, a vegetable, a fruit, a bar of chocolate, or anything else. This is where your imaginations come into the play. You have to identify what shape those puzzle pieces are forming and then you have to stop rotating the puzzle pieces. If the puzzle pieces actually have the shape that you think of, they will form that shape and you will surpass the level.

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The first 2-3 images are very easy to guess. As you level up in the game, the shapes become harder to guess. The game does show you a tutorial explaining everything. Once you start guessing the pictures successfully, the game starts assigning you the titles. For example, you will be first given the title of “The Born Artist”. As your expertise increase, your title will improve too. If you think that this game is very easy, by simply reading about it, you must give this game a try. It got me stuck on the shape of a Strawberry for more than 10 minutes. This game is a very nice tool to check your imaginative power. Polysphere comes for free and its currently rocking the top-charts of Android and iOS gaming.

It is the time to get back to work in order to install Polysphere for PC.

Polysphere for PC

To download a game like Polysphere for PC, you need an Android emulator. Because this game is available for Android, you can easily run it on your computer as well. An Android emulator like the BlueStacks 4 or the Nox Player is the best choice to run Polysphere on your computer. Windows users can use the BlueStacks 4 and Mac users can use the Nox App Player.

Windows users can first download the BlueStacks 4 and install it. After installing, they will set up the player using their Google Account. Once done, they will launch the Google Play Store and look for Polysphere. As they find Polysphere in the Play Store, they can install it. The game can be launched from the Home Screen after installation. To play the game, simply use your mouse to rotate the puzzle pieces.

Polysphere for PC

Polysphere for PC

Polysphere for PC

To run this game on Mac, download the Nox App Player and launch it. Set up the Nox App Player using Google Account and then launch the Play Store. Find Polysphere in the Play Store and install it. The game will appear in the application drawer. Launch the game and start guessing the shapes.

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Final Words

That is all folks. I hope that you found this guide helpful to install this game on your computer. If you need any help regarding this game or regarding the Android emulators, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section or the contact us page on our site. We are open to all the suggestions as well. Stay connected.

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