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Looking forward to adding a little bit of fun to your selfies? You need to try out Pitu. This Japanese cosplay-inspired application is all set to give you your desired look. Pitu is built for smartphones primarily. If you don’t have a smartphone or you just want to use this application on a platform better than your smartphone, you can get it on your computer. This is the guide to download Pitu for PC and Laptop. Pitu for PC can be downloaded on both the Desktop PCs and Laptops. Before download Pitu for PC, it is important to take a look all of its features. Here is an overview of the Pitu application.

Pitu – Get your favorite look

Cosplays are becoming a trend now. It is obvious that becoming a cosplayer costs a lot of money, efforts and time. It’s an expensive hobby after all. If you do not have that kind of money to become a real cosplayer, you can become a virtual cosplayer for sure. This has been made possible by the Pitu application.

Pitu for PC

Pitu for PC

Pitu has a huge variety of cosplays. Whether you want to transform yourself into your favorite anime character, you want to give yourself a look of the primary school students, or you just want to play the Uniform Cosplay, you will find all such options in the Pitu application. Every single feature of this application is meant to add a new look to your selfies. Pitu comes with features like Beauty Cam, Beauty Makeup, Crazy ex-face, etc. The application is already very popular in countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Vietnam.

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Pitu Features

Let’s talk about the Beauty Cam feature first of all. This feature has a selfie-timer camera. You can use the selfie-timer camera to capture the selfies as you pose-off in front of the phone. Once captured, it starts beautifying your pictures. The captured pictures are in the portrait mode so it’s easy for this application to edit them. With the Beauty Cam, you can slim your face, enlarge the eyes, apply makeup. It also has the options to enhance the background of your picture. You can use a magic background, 3D decoration. There are stickers to add a little bit of fun to your photos. Pitu has hundreds of filters to change the entire colors of your photos.

The Crazy-ex face feature in this application can give you a look of a primary school student, a student wearing a uniform, or the Wuzetian look. This is a role-changing feature. There are tens of roles that you can apply on yourself using this feature.

If you are into making collages, you will find the Story Collage mode in Pitu. This will let you create your own photo wall. This is a feature that is being admired by travelers. The GIF Emoticon feature in Pitu will let you use the stickers of your choice. The photo editing tool of Pitu is good enough to edit your pictures the way you wish.

Pitu comes free of cost. It’s time to go ahead to install Pitu for PC without any further ado.

Pitu for PC

Cosplay lovers can use BlueStacks 4 for Windows and Nox App Player for Mac to download Pitu for PC. It is very easy to run Pitu for PC. First of all, you can download the emulator of your choice from the emulators guide linked below. After that, install the emulator and use your Google Account to set it up. After completely setting up the emulator, open the Play Store in it and look for Pitu. As you find the Pitu app, install it. Pitu will now appear under the Home Screen of the BlueStacks 4 and in the application drawer of the Nox App Player. Open Pitu now and use your Laptop’s front camera or desktop PC’s webcam to start capturing selfies.

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Those of you who are unable to find Pitu in the Play Store, they can find the Pitu APK from a credible website. Download the Pitu APK and open it on your computer. The APK will be automatically installed via one of the emulators that you just installed.



As you have no easily installed the Pitu app on your computer, you should be able to make the best use of this application on a bigger screen. If you have kind of questions/queries related to the Pitu app or the emulators, feel free to reach out to us. The best way to contact us is through the comments section below or through our contact us page. I will try my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you all.

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