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Securing homes and offices is and should always be a top priority. There are multiple possible reasons to invest in home security system. If the parents are working, then they want to keep tabs on their kids at home. If owners are out of town, they need to have a live stream of their house to ensure everything is okay. vMEyeCloud security cameras application connects with DVR or IPC and lets you watch the live feed anywhere. It works directly with the app. It does not matter which brand the CCTV is from. All you need is proper login details.vMEyeCloud for pc laptop

Seamless setup

Ever heard of port forwarding? Well, it is an old method of connecting CCTV cameras to DVR. It works but it is not for layman. Therefore, vMEyeCloud solves this issues by using cloud service. Unlike the traditional methods, the login details and all connection details are online. Nothing manual is required. All you need to do is to hook up the devices with DVR or IPC and then login with personal username and password in vMEye cloud server.

The advantage of using this method is that it gets rid of worrisome and traditional connection issues. Since it is all online, vMEyeCloud works anywhere. It does not matter if someone is out of house, they can always keep an eye on their loved ones.

Advanced Features

If the camera hardware supports PTZ, then these are accessible via vMEyeCloud App as well. Just click or swipe on screen to use these features.

Other features include audio monitoring and remote playback. The audio monitoring is especially important when there are little kids in house. Moreover, watch the security footage from anywhere using remote playback feature.

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Lastly, install compatible motion sensor and alarms to have maximum security. Turn these on when you’re not at home or going to sleep. It records and organizes these events for easy check up later.vMEyeCloud for pc computer

How to install vMEyeCloud for PC (Laptop/Computer)

Installing vMEyeCloud for PC requires two main steps. The first step is to set up and Android emulator. Since there are so many options out there, we have compiled a list of most suitable emulators to run vMEyeCloud on laptops and computers. Check the list HERE. Once the emulator is installed on your machine, move on to next step.

Next up, choose whether to install vMEyeCloud on PC via Play Store or APK. The former method works only for those who have; 1: A Google account set up on Emulator and 2: vMEyeCloud is available in their region’s Play Store. In this case, just open Play Store inside emulator and search for “vMEyeCloud”. Click on Install next to correct icon. If this method does not work for you, then download vMEyeCloud APK from a respectable source and put it anywhere on your PC. Open Bluestacks or any other emulator you have installed, click on “Install APK” and navigate to the folder when APK was placed. Double click on it and it should install now.

That’s how you get vMEyeCloud for PC on Windows or Mac PC. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below. Share any queries here too.


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