Download Boom Music Player for PC

Here is the guide to download Boom Music Player for PC. The Boom Music Player for PC can be installed on macOS and Windows 10-powered computers. Let me tell you what this app is all about before the download tutorial.

Boom Music Player

This is a music player dedicated to Audiophiles. Boom Music Player enables everyone to experience surround sound. This app works with all kinds of speakers, earphones, and headphones. The app intelligently detects the kind of headphones/speakers being used for the sound output and optimizes the sound accordingly. It creates 7 different speaker points to create a 3D surround sound effect. All these 7 points, which appear as 7 speakers in the Boom Music Player, can be controlled manually. You can turn off/on the points you want.

Boom Music Player for PC

That is the main purpose of this app, but what other does it have to offer? Well, its features do not end at the 3D surround sound experience. It brings dozens of hand-crafted equalizer presets. It will let you experience the kind of sound you have never experienced before.

The Audio Player detects the music stored on your device’s storage or you can also sync your Spotify or Tidal account with this app. It can also be connected with Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. It further brings over 20,000 Radio Channels and Podcasts Stations. Even if you don’t have a Spotify subscription and no music stored on your device, you can quickly turn on a radio station and start listening to the music.

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The app also allows users to create their own equalizers using the 16-band and 8-band equalizer config. The Boom Music Player has a user-friendly UI. It’s extremely easy to navigate through. The UI is interactive and you can manually control each and every single chord of the sound coming out of the player. 

If you have big speakers connected to your computer and you want to experience magical 3D surround sound with the volume set at max, you will find this guide useful. I am about to show you the steps to download Boom Music Player for PC. Take a look at the requirements and get it right now.

Note: Boom Music Player is a free Android app available in the Play Store.


  • Windows/macOS Laptop or Desktop PC.
  • Internet connection.
  • BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  • Audio Tracks in the BlueStacks [Import using BlueStacks Import/Export feature].

Download Boom Music Player for PC

  1. Start the BlueStacks on PC. Sign in using your existing or new Google Account.
  2. Now open the Google Play Store in BlueStacks.
  3. Search for the Boom Music Player inside Play Store.
  4. As you find the Player, install it.
  5. Launch Boom Music Player now.
  6. Select your headphones/speakers and the music taste in Boom.
  7. Start playing the tracks and manage the 3D surround sound.
Boom Music Player for PC
Running 3D Surround Sound Boom Music Player for PC on Windows 10 via BlueStacks 4.1
Boom Music Player for PC

Final Words

Running Boom Music Player on a computer gives you a great advantage as you can experience this app on bigger and better speakers. Let us know how you have utilized this application and what your experience has been so far. In case you run into any problems while using the Android emulator or the Boom Music Player, feel free to reach out to us using the comment section below. We will try our best to help you out.

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