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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tips, tricks and informationThe mobile adaptation of Animal Crossing by Nintendo has taken the world by storm. Fans of original series have been pretty impressed by the pocket edition of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. This game is a blend of original title and modern-day mobile games. It is a good thing to be honest.  It is a perfect blend of what is actually trending these days and the classic items from original title. Moreover, it offers great visual and a very responsive gameplay. The overall feel of this game is pretty solid. There are no delays or crashes. Most of the stuff works the way it is supposed to. Since it is just a pre-release version, more updates will make this game even more stable (in case someone encountered some bugs).

Just like other modern mobile games, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp also contains several IAPs. However, the developers have made sure that these are not necessary for progressing in-game. Using real money can speed up the progress for sure, but it does not mean that regular people cannot reach the same level. It will just take a little more time. Since it is a simulation game, all things that take place, will do so according to real-time. Most of things that happen in Animal Crossing Pocket Edition are in cycles of 3 hours. Therefore, it is beneficial to open up game every three hours. It would make sure that you do not miss any task and keep the farm’s work updated. Moreover, it would allow players to make most coins and bells on daily basis.

Ranging from friendships to amenities to decorations and helping others in tasks, it simulates most aspects of a healthy camp life. It simulates an ideal camp life in-game. Moreover, players can invite other animals to their farm for parties and getting together. It not only helps in daily tasks but making friendships also helps in levelling up in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Small things like these can change any player from beginner to expert. This guide is about all the tips and trick and that will take someone from beginner level to expert level. Whenever there is a new game, there is lot of new stuff to learn about. Moreover, in starting stages, certain decisions can help shape future gameplay. This guide about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will make sure that everyone puts best foot forward when starting it as beginner.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – Basic Game Information

Installation Size: 55MB APK + Downloaded Data (200MB+)

Final Release Date: November 2017

Pre-Release Region: Australia

Genre: Simulation (Life in a summer camp)

Price: Free

In-App Purchases: Yes

How to play Animal Crossing pre-release anywhere in World (When it’s limited to Australia only) ?

At the time of writing, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is available to download and play only for Australian customers. Why did they do it? Maybe it is just an easier audience to monitor. Anyways, below are the steps that would allow anyone to play this game anywhere in world. Even if someone is not living in Australia.

  1. Download and install Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on your device using its APK. Download Link
  2. Use a VPN on your device and change location to Australia.
  3. Now head over to Nintendo’s website and make a new account.
  4. However, set the location of account as “Australia”.
  5. Once this account is set up and verified, open the game on your device.
  6. Enter Nintendo ID and step into the game.
  7. Now the game will keep on playing.

If someone logs into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp using an account other than Australia’s location, then game will crash after first cut scene.

Note that these steps are required to play the pre-release / soft-release version of Animal Crossing mobile only. These steps will not be required once game has been fully released.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – A Brief Review Of the Gameplay


This game is a simulation of life itself. However, unlike Sims, the main characters are animals. It is fairly popular on Nintendo platform. The mobile version brings the most interesting and unique features to life. Moreover, the developers have made sure that not everything should be stuffed into the mobile Animal Crossing. It is more like the portable version. It offers all the goodness of real console game but with perfect blend of mobile usability.

In-App Purchases

Every task that takes place in-game is based on real-time. If a task is going to take 10 mins, then player has to wait for the real ten minutes. This time can be sped up using in-app purchases. This is the only difference for those who pay and those who do not pay to play it. More importantly, it does not create a huge difference. It is true that paying players will level up fast but regular users can achieve same level without spending real money. However, this type of gameplay will take longer of course.

Character Customization

At start of the game, each player will get chance to choose their gender. This is not permanent. The customization is changeable throughout the whole game. Player acts as the manager or caretaker of this camp. He/she is in charge of every single thing that happens around. They can theme the camp according to their likes and dislikes. Moreover, they can decorate the farm with furniture of choice. This would allow players to invite other animal characters and friends to their camps. They can have parties and what not.

In-Game Currency

The main currency in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is bells. These bells can be obtained through multiple sources. Therefore, make sure that you pay close attention to even the smallest tasks. There are several secrets and chances hidden throughout the map. Use your chances to have a go at getting hundreds of bells at once. Helping out other animals also rewards players with bells and materials. These materials are then used to build furniture, buildings and other crafts for Animal Crossing camp.


As the time passes, players get more and more acquainted with this environment. With higher levels, there are more items to unlock and decorate camp with. Moreover, since this game is online and in modern era, we can expect lot of promotions throughout the series. These promotions (expected) will bring a new flavor to this already hit title! However do not quote us on this. It is still quite possible that something completely different happens.

Being Creative

Most importantly, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp allows players to be as creative as possible. There are tons of items to play around with. Even though the camp is kickstarted with a specific theme, there is not limitations on what to do next. Players can mold this camp into any color of shape they want. The best thing about this game is that it is not just click and drag game. Players can actually move their avatars around and interact with environment, other objects and animals.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Themes

At start of game, player is asked to choose a theme from their camp. Note that this theme is not final and it is only for kickstarting the game for you! It is just to decorate it a little bit. From here on, players can either choose to continue with these theme or mix it up!

Choosing a theme does not limit obtainable items. Neither does it limit number of villagers to interact with. All items and villagers are available in all theme selections.

You can preview the selection of theme before selecting it. Moreover, the theme offers only starting kit and starting villager. These items are different for different villages. All themes have similar value. Therefore, it does not really matter which you use since all items and villagers are available from here on.

This theme selection is here only to help player starting camp in their own personal way. Follow are the theme selections:


Villager: Goldie

animal crossing pocket camp natural theme


Villager: Apollo

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cool theme


Villager: Rosie

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp cute theme


Villager: jay

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp sporty theme

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Villagers List

Here are some tips about villagers aka Animals in Animal Crossing Pocket edition. First thing that we know right now is that not all animals/villagers from original titles available right now. It had over 330 villagers. In the pocket edition however, there are only about 20 villagers available right off the bat. Some of these will be unlocked by default. However, others will be unlocked with every level up.

As soon as player gains a level, a new villager will be unlocked. This is completely random. Players cannot interact with these villager anytime. They will appear on the map but they must be on camp to make friendship. Each new villager visits after 3 hour reset time. Make sure that you visit your camp after every 3 hours. New friendships are easier to gain rank with. Moreover, they give out some useful materials for crafts.

Higher friendship levels enable players to gain more useful and rare items in-game. Most villagers have their own preferred theme. Therefore, you may sometimes have to mold the theme of current camp to make new friendships. These are especially useful because earlier tasks are easy to overcome. Moreover, these will make levelling up faster.

Villagers List + Personality + Species + Birthday + Resources

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Leveling up in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Levelling in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is done on basis of friendships. Each player needs to make new friendships with new animals / villagers and then complete the requests. Doing so would increase the friendship level as well as player’s level in-game.

Each level up rewards player with 1000 bells and 10 leaf tickets.

In order to help your avatar level up, make sure that you change themes or put new furniture according to what new villagers require. They will visit when their preferred furniture and amenities are in place. Moreover, some villages have a preferred theme. Lookout for that! Do not miss a chance with any villager. Each small task would allow players to gain more points for next level.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Collectable Items

Players can collect some special items during exploration of the world in-game. These items include Bugs and Fish. Moreover, players can collect coral, Seashells and fruits. Here is the list of mentioned items.

Fish List in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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Bugs List in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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Fruits List in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Fruits in Animal Crossing are found on trees. In order to obtain a fruit, the player has to keep tapping on tree. The fruits grown on that tree will fall down on ground. Tap on the fruits to collect them. These are then added to personal inventory.

Collected fruits are then either given to requesting animal / villagers or sold for bells.

Fruits trees are respawned every 3 hours. Therefore, make sure that you open the game every three hours to collect these valuable items.

Here is a valuable hint! Every day a non-fruit tree will give off 300-1000 bells. You have to keep looking for such a tree to find it! This is available every day.

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Seashells List in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

These materials are found near sea shores. They can be requested by villagers sometime. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep hold of these.

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Crafting Materials List in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

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What are Leaf Tickets in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Leaf ticket is the premium currency of Animal Crossing PC. It is used to buy items like Throw net and honey. Moreover, users can use it for buying fertilizers and entry to Shovelstrike Quarry.

If a player is running low on crafting materials, then leaf tickets are spent to place the order anyway. Moreover, just like many other games, use these tickets to speed up crafting process.

Leaf tickets can be obtained from in-game play as well as real world money. The table below shows the prices of packages for purchasing leaf tickets with real money.


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How to get Leaf Tickets for free?

Using leaf tickets can be very tempting since it speeds up the game progress massively. However, there are certain ways to get these for free. Note that there is certain limit to number of leaf tickets anyone can get for free. Therefore, spend these wisely. Spending these on speeding up timers etc is of no good.

Use these only to get special rewards and expanded crafting slots. They are more useful. Below is the list of possible ways to get free leaf tickets in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp without spending money.

  • 100 Lead Tickets from linking Nintendo Account with game + 50 from My Nintendo rewards
  • Each level up = 10 Leaf tickets!
  • Earn leaf tickets from login bonus
  • Earn 200+ from stretch goals and rewards

What are Bells in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

Bells are the basic currency in-game. These are used to buy any and everything in-game. These are obtained through several ways. For example, these can be used to buy crafting materials or earn by selling some items.

How to earn Bells?

Below is the list of ways to earn bells in-game.

  • 1000 Bells per level up.
  • 300-1000 Bells from a non-fruit tree everyday (Bit of a mystery tree)
  • Rotating login bonus with up to 1000 Bells (Varies weekly or multiple weeks)
  • Special Login bonus – 10,000 Bells (Keep logging in for three years)
  • 5,000 Bells – From linking My Nintendo Account.

What are Request Tickets in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

There will come such times when players need lot of the same crafting material. However, the villagers take only 3 requests while visiting. Using Request Card would increase the number of requests to 6 in total. However, the time before villager/animal leaves camp will remain same. Therefore, hurry up to complete these tasks. These tickets add 3 friendship points.

Making Friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Adding friends on this game is fairly easy. First and easiest method is by adding Facebook friends. This is what most people would use. However, there are ways to add people who are not in Facebook friends list.

If a non-friend’s avatar is visible on camp, players can send friend requests. This is fairly easy. It allows players to have a larger collection of vendors in market box. Moreover, it makes completing tasks fairly easy in future.

Market Box

This is market place for selling collected items. Ranging from fruits to super rare collectibles, anything can be sold here.

There is limited number of slots available in market box. New slot is earned with every level up. Sell those items that are no longer of use, in excess or just very much in demand. This is a good way to make profit. People are more likely to purchase items that are needed for some tasks.

Players can set prices for each item. However, in-game cap does not allow increasing or decreasing price from certain limit. These price ranges are different for each item.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Amenities

Items like Tents, Swings and half-pipe are included in this category. Each amenity belongs to a certain theme i.e. Cool, Natural, Sporty and Cute. Therefore, building an amenity instantly brings up the friendship level for villagers belonging to that group. It is very important to build amenities to remove level up cap.

List of Amenities

Below is the list of amenities available in Animal Crossing right now. Along with this, you will find required materials and related information.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Below is the list of several habits, tips and tricks for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp that will help beginners. These tips also include several things that most players will learn by themselves after playing it for 1 month. However, new players can benefit a lot from it and avoid several mistakes.

  • Keep coming back to game after every 3 hours. Almost every cycle in this game takes place in time of three hours.
  • If you are not purchasing leaf tickets, then do not spend it on stuff like speeding up crafting process. Save it for important tasks, and expanding crafting limits.
  • Make friendships with most number of animals possible. Each animal has some unique items to offers. Therefore, level up all of these.
  • Everyday, tap fruit-less tree. One of these trees contains 300-1000 bells.
  • Always collect your unique fruits and list them up on market box.
  • Neither oversell nor undersell your products on market box.
  • In case of an event or special craft, list the items that are needed. They will be sold instantly.
  • Make good friend on game. You can add Facebook as well as unknown people.
  • Send kudos to some friends daily. These are required in certain tasks.
  • Use request tickets only when you need lot of same items and these are available only from one animal.
  • If possible, use request ticket on higher friendship level animals since they give away double amount of craft materials.
  • Rather than discarding items, sell them from cheap price on market box.
  • Add as many friends as possible (up to the limit) in short time. This would allow players to have more options for shopping as well as for sellers.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp FAQ

Can I change my connected Nintendo account?

NO! Once an account is linked, it will stick to it. If you change the account, game will start over.

Do I need to keep Amenities on camp?

No! Once the amenity has been fully built, there is no nee to keep it on display. The effect will remain whether it is on display or not.

Can I customize my avatar later?

Yes! Everything can be changed whether its gender or just clothes. All of these customization are possible at any stage of game.

What is used to build amenities?

You need essences, crafting materials and bells. The quantity is different for all amenities.

How often should I collect fruits?

Fruits are available on trees every few hours. If inventory is full, just shake the trees and leave fruits on ground. They will not disappear. Therefore, whenever they are needed for any request, it will save some time and more fruits will be available to take down.

If you have any question or suggestions, then leave them in the comments box below 

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